EMT Prep

So, I’ve always been interested in doing some sort of first responder work. I’m finally pulling the trigger and have enrolled in an EMT class at Pelham Academy in Bloomfield, Indiana–don’t worry; I’m still planning on teaching Pilates and officiating football!

Anyway, I found a podcast by an instructor at PCC which is basically his EMT class lectures. So, I’ve been listening to them, taking notes, and creating Prezis to help me (and hopefully others) learn. You can find his podcast on Anchor.fm, Spotify, Podbean, and other places. It is called “The Public Safety Guru”.

As I complete my Prezis, I will post them below. Enjoy, and please send any feedback to me at darren@winkleypilatesandfitness.com.

EMT Classroom Prep and Learning Tips

EMT Lecture 1 — EMS Systems

EMT Lecture 2 — Legal and Ethics in EMS

EMT Lecture 3 — Anatomy and Introduction to Body Systems

EMT Lecture 4 — The Nervous System

EMT Lecture 5 — Cardiovascular System

EMT Lecture 6–Respiratory System

EMT Block 1 Exam Study Guide

EMT Lecture 7–Airway, Ventilation and Oxygenation

EMT Lecture 8–Patient Assessment and Vital Signs

EMT Lecture 9–Cardiovascular Emergencies